lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2009

>>31<< Colours

Dress: Kenzie&Co-Freebie Bag
Leggins:*PIMP IT UP*-50L$
Shoes:K2K -red winter sneakers -10L$
Hair:++AY.LinE++Group Gift(no more)
Skin:CandyDoll - Danika Mide Bronze (not free)

>>30<< Sexy Santa

Costume:[Chuclet] - sexy santa girl outfit-5L$
Shoes Red: K2K -red winter sneakers -10L$
Hair:W&Y HAIR 88-100L$
Skin: [$D] Riyah K Pink-800L$


Drees:-SG- Skull Dress Beige- group gift
Shoes: {Meghindo's}

>>28<< Green

Dress:Holli Pocket-Gorge Lacey Mini Top- 10L$
Hair: W&Y yuki HAIR 22- 0L$
Skin: CandyDoll

>>27<< Piece Of Candy

Shirt: Piece of candy-1L$
Skirt:T..a..R..t fray cut demim mini blue-50L$

Hair: Amacci Free Hair ~ Adena in all colors- 0L$

Skin : Piece of candy- Candy hunt

Skin: Piece of candy- Candy hunt
Hair: Amacci Free Hair ~ Adena in all colors- 0L$
Shirt: Piece Of Candy - 1L$
Hair:Amacci Free Hair ~ Adena in all colors- 0L$
Skin: Piece of candy -candy hunt

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

>>26<< DIVA

{Meghindo's} designer
Now I Feel LiKe A DIVA
Skin : Lara Skin
Hair:Exile- Breeze Remix/ash

>>25<< Romanian Designers

hummm i really love this romanian designer, she made some good and hot clothes, u feel like a real diva.... this lovely clothes are from {Meghindo's}
The skin i just love it is very good made and is my 1 of my favorite romanian designer :) (im very proud of this 2 girls)
the lovely LARA SKIN , who dont know about LARA huh? lol

>>25<< Freebie Skin

Skin:CandyDoll -1L$
Hair:Mirai-.+*Cuto*+.Darkbrown&Lightbrown-Not Free

>>24<< Goddies

Jacket:!Ohmai -o L$
Pants:Holli Pocket -75L$
Shoes:Stiletto Moddy-Not Free
Hair:Mirai-.+*Cuto*+.Darkbrown&Lightbrown-Not Free

>>24<< !Ohmai Freebie

Shirt: !Ohmai-hunt-0L$
Leggings: !Ohmai-0L$
Shoes:N-core - Not Free
Hair:Exile Brezze-Not Free

>>23<< !Ohmai Hunt

Shirt:!Ohmai -o L$
Black Pants:.::Tyranny Designs::. Pretentious Capris-not free
Marro Pants:.::Tyranny Designs::. Class Act - Pants-not free
Shoes:Stiletto ModdyStiletto Moody Glam Bootie- not free
Hair:Mirai-.+*Cuto*+.Darkbrown&Lightbrown-Not Free

sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2009

>>22<< OMG! This time no shoes :))

All This clothes are in just a box.... yep 1 box with all this and freebie 0L$ YAY
here u will find the box Kenzie&Co
Skin:CandyDoll Becca Candy Pale


Lingerie: DOT pink and jelow- 0L$
Shoes: N-core -not free
Skin:*Fi-St* Skin Lan - Sky - All Skintones -200L$
Hair:Exile Tyra New
Bracelet: *K2K*costume jewelry 1-freebie


Lingerie: Serenity Day Spa- 0L$
Shoes: N-Core- not free
Hair:===SIRENA DARKS (idk if the store still exist)- not free
Skin:LAQ ~ Imani 01 [Cocoa-not free


I like to make shopping from xstreet
Drees: TrendStyle - Wooldress -50L$
Hair:Hair [Brunette][BaronessV2] -150L$
Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Boots- 450L$
Skin:[eStyle] Diamond Tan 5 -1600L$ fat pack
Eyes: [NO LIMIT] Realistic Eyes 24


Shirt: {paper.doll} LaceMini 50L$
Skirt:*Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Pink 150L$
Boots:[Stellar] Kenai Boots - Charcoal 350L$
Dollar:*Linc* Yummy Dollar 0L$
Neck:*LC* E - LoLaroid Photo Necklace (photo changer *_*) 200L$

*Touch The Picture For A Better viewer*


Clothes: INDI Designs 5L$
Hair: Mirai Style-.+*Cuto*+.Lightbrown-200L$
Skin: CandyDoll-Marilyn naughty pale-800L$


Ohh i Like So much this costume *_*
Costume: KL BDSM- Winter Fun1L$
Hair:Mirai-.+*Cuto*+.Darkbrown&Lightbrown 200L$
Skin: CandyDoll- Marilyn naughty pale 800L$


All From Audacious Designs Gift 0L$
Hair: fri. - Tatum.2 - Blonds 250L$
Skin:CandyDoll-Marilyn naughty pale 800L$


This all Clothes are from ~~SisterHood~~ with 0L$ (expensive huh *simles*)
Black Shoes:=AC= 9" Combat High heel boots 300L$
Hair:~Hype~ Jessica 200L$
Skin:CandyDoll-Marilyn sweet pale 800L$


Lingeire:~~SisterHood~~ black and white dresses 0L$
Hair:Hype Hair Colette Bootylicious Black -Lucky letter
Skin:Obsidian **Laci Mint Candy Skin** 100L$


Hair: *SHOP SEU* --Pompadour hair [black] 170L$
Jacket:* Ibizarre Bolero Jacket 120L$
Pants:.:*W.:*stocking squerbox reed 0L$
Shirt:{paper.doll} LaceMini 50L$
Shoes:[SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots - Stjordal 50L$
Skin:[DT] MUA : Gift Skin, Natural Tone 0L$


Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] Amazonia - FAT PACK oL$
Shirt:.:*W.:*sweater black knit oL$
Pants:Audacious Shopping Spree 0L$
Shoes:>Imani<Selene Boots 25L$
Skin: CandyDoll-Marcely Lacrima Pale 800L$


all with 0L$ XD
a big panel with 0L$ at .:*W.:*

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009


All this is from >>Rockzy<< with just 10L$ everithing just for few days then the store will be closed :(
Hair: Brown-Badgirl
Neck:*LC* E - LoLaroid Photo Necklace
Skin: CandyDoll-Holli Purple Pale


Street Divas [$D] design have on sale this cutie ELF
Full Avatar with only 50L$
and is so lovely
thank you Alexandra :)


all the pants, and are more then i posted are with 5L$ from [NO LIMIT] there u will find a lot of clothes and shapes at only 5L$.
the shirts come in more colours but i was to lazy to posted all, are from a piece of candy-shelly (2nd floor) with 1L$
Skin: CandyDoll-Holli Sky Pale (one of my favorites) 800L$


Hair: SD Designs [$D] Alexandra Darks
Dress:[AS] Skully Dress (come with socks and gloves)
Shoes: [Stellar] Kenai Boots - Charcoal
Tattoo: Canimal - Body Graffiti (abyss)
Neck: # Noir Lolita Dog tag
Earins: *BOOM* G Hoop
Skin: CandyDoll-Marcely Floare Pale


For Me Winter means White and Red :)
Shoes: *GF* Long Fur Cuff Boots holiday red -180L$
Jacket:*MR-Military coat(Red) 110L$
Skirt: !XTC! Rock Tank & Pants 1L$
Hair: fri. - Tatum.2 - Blonds 250L$
Skin: CandyDoll-Holli Cherry Tan 800L$

p.s the jacket is with 2 layers with and widout buttons


a little funny gift for all the girls :))
Panties*!XTC! *
Skin: Made By Me (CandyDoll-Body Shop)
Shape: Made By Me
Hair: fri. - Dylan - Blonds


Let's be sexy bunny :)))
Shoes: *N-core* SHARK XtremeHeel Black
Lingerie: *!XTC!* Bunny-NO TRANSFER!
Hair: *Maitreya* Green II - Nuts Pack
Skin: Made By Me
Shape: Made by Me


All this is Gift From Vive9

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

>>1<< My first time here :)

Boots: *Kookie* Pomski Boots - Snow white-450L$
Pants: *Linc* Wool Panty Black-80L$
Jacket: *MR-Military coat(Brown)-110L$
Hair: * Magika - Fallwinter (gift)
Skin: *Made by Me
Shape: *Made by Me