domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Gold Me

Dress: *Crazy* Mys Dress
Leggins: *LP* Goddes Leggings (NEW)
Jewerly: *Ticky Tacky* Save a Prayer Jewelry Set - Gold Set (NEW)
Nails: A&A Fashion Linka's Nail Gold
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin: Aimesi Skin Lisa Caramel Face5 (150L$)


Skirt: *BOOM* Verei Mini Skirt(NEW)
Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Blue jeans_jacket_female
Bras: *RD* Outlaw (part of Outfit) NEW
Boots: [*RG*] Girls' Bikers RELOADED
Earrings: *Ticky Tacky* Rehab Earrings - Party Girl (NEW) 75L$
Hair: !Lamb
Skin: CandyDoll- Andrada Tan NEW

Dresses: B&B Sunday Brunch Dress
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_JewelHighHeel_Yellow
Earrings: *Ticky Tacky* Miss Juju Jewelry Set - Noir (NEW)
Bangles: *Ticky Tacky* Attention Whore Bangles (NEW)
Nails: A&A FashioN -Linka Nails-Pink
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl [Nougat] Glow skins


Lisa is the New skin on Aimesi and i like it soo much,come in 3 skin tone and 4 diferent makeup/lips YAY. My favorite one is natural in cream tone. Try a Demo in Aimesi.

Izzye's have new relase too Sexy Retro come in 5 diferent colours and every pack colour have 3 diferent tops :D


Outfit: Izzie's - Sexy Retro Outfit blue (NEW)
Heels: Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (ColorSet)
Hair: fri. - Victoria.2 - Blonds
Skin: Aimesi Skin Lisa Full Pack


today i will make little posty, i 5 am and today i have school O_O but here i am posting lol
OMFG have new super Glasses with cute menu :D

Outfit: DCNY "Madelene II" Outfit - Blue (NEW)
Gralsses: (OMFG) Mrs. Gollightly GLAM Shades - Metals + Diamonds (NEW)
HAir: fri. - Yelena.2 - Blonds
Skin: Aimesi Skin Lisa NEW) - and i love it^^