viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010


Like all the womans i love shoes but my favorite ones are from Stiltto Moody, they have a great texture details and foot, you can esaly can change the skin tone, in 1 or 2 minutes you have the perfect foot skin^^. Stiletto Moody are the dream of any woman.

And to can shine more i pic up these new dresses from SASSY! comes in may opcion, so you can wear then as u like it :D if you want to shine with moddy stop by SASSY! to can shine more^^

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Dazzle - pink (NEW)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (NEW)
Hair: !Lamb
Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma Tan

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Dazzle - blue (NEW)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (NEW)
Hair: ((JUNWAVE))Clara*MOCA* (sale)
Skin: Lara Skin NEW

Dress: ~Sassy!~ Dazzle - white (NEW)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (NEW)
Hair: (Posh) ; Super Pumped ; Brunettes
Skin: LAQ- Imani 2


When i was to shop 50L$ friday i found this lovely store Random Fashions with alots of dresses more and more cutes :D was hard decizion what dress to pic up and here is it, i have Buterflies^^ and i love it is sooo cutee.
Befor to go to shop i saw in xstreet this hair and i saw you can find it in world too the store is not so big but u have where to chose she have good hair wirh great texture :D
Shop now To LoQ Co.

Top: [Random Fashions] - Butterflies (Blue)
Pants: *Fishy Strawberry*Corduroy Treggings - Beige
Shoes: *Fishy Strawberry* Venezia Pumps - Sugar
Necklace+Bracelet: -RYCA- Pearl-Knotted White
Hair: \LoQ/ Aura Hair
Skin: Lara Skin

50L$ Friday

a short list with 50L$ friday :D

Outfit: (Milk Motion) my 80' long playsuit *green* (50L$)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Velvet Berry Flats (lucky chair)
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::Brea ( Black) (NEW)
Skin: Lara Skin

Lingerie: Doppelganger Inc. - Fleur Lingerie for 50L Friday
Boots: Taboo Disco Balls (box)
Necklace: -RYCA- Necklace-PNG Platinum
Hair: \LoQ/ Aura Hair - dirty blonde
Skin: Belleza- old group gift

Skirt: {SMS} Feather Skirt Burgundy/Grey FLF (50L$ Friday)
Belt: Sh*t Happens - 50L Friday Weaved Belts
Shoes: A-BOMB Ingrid ankle boots-COLOR CHANGE
Hair: \LoQ/ Aura - Blonde
Skin: LAQ- imani 2

50L$ day =))

My Pc is so bad with me today :( is so hard to post something... anyways, i just find on xstreet this awesome outfit from TART at only 50L$ O_O and my boots from kookie are so real :D i like so much this style of boots and u can get them at 50L$ too, hurry up

Outfit: TART SLX casual promo
Boots: *Kookie 50L Vintage Armarda Boots
Hair: .+*Kumy*+.Beige&Beigebrown [MS] (NEW)
Bracelet: >>ROOTS<<00A10023 and >>ROOTS<<00A10025
Skin: Lara Skin

Love It

I loveeeee my new hairrr and this lovely freebie :D

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Group Gift - Rawrrr giraffe
Boots: [*RG*] Girls' Bikers RELOADED NEW
Hair: .+*Kumy*+.Beige&Beigebrown [MS]
Skin: Lara Skin-Antonia blue NEW