jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Yellow Moment


Dress: DOLLITA & DLT DU4-DLT-I'm a narcissic dress
Shoes: *COCO*_Thong Sandal(Gray)
Necklace: *YS&YS* Whitepearl Necklace (Silver)
Earrings: {glow] Pure Rain Earring
Hair: (Posh) ; Sugar ; Blonde
Skin: CandyDoll - Bianca Natural Tanned
Eyelaches: Redgrave- 20 diamond
Eyes: Unique Megastore

Befor to Sleep

im so sorry, but tomorrow i will writ the slrul, im too tried :(

soon to be blogged

soon to be blogged

Dress: (Royal Bue) Pre Narcisus in Sky (DU4)
Earrings:[MANDALA]Milky Way Earring/Polly White
HairAccesorie: -Mons- Head Accessories "Elegant" *Blue
Hair: :Zyrra: Nightwish Hair - Blonde Vanilla (Hair Fair)
Skin: [PF] Ember - Gossip (dkbrow)


soon to be blogged

soon to be blogged

soon to be blogged

Jacket: fri. - Tourist.Jacket (Black)
Shirt: Pig - Ladies Like Flowers U Pink
Dress: [ATOMIC] Summertime - Blush
Sandals: *COCO*_Thong Sandal(Gray)http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Leggings : *Sheer* Leggings 11b: Vines Black Short
Hair: [SC Hair] New Haven - Butterscotch
Skin: [BdN] Rosi [Tan] Nude Lips/Light Brows
Eyelaches: Redgrave - diamonds 20
Eyes: Unique Megastore

Hair Fair part I

Fab.Pony (Hair Fair)
Fab.Pony (Store)

Fab Pony

Fab Pony

Skin: CandyDoll- Bianca Pinkysh Tanned

:Zyrra: (Hair Fair)
:Zyrra: (Store)


Skin: Candydoll- Bianca Peach Tanned

(Dernier Cri) (Hair Fair)
(Dernier Cri) (Store)
Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri
Skin: CandyDoll-Sylwia Green Tanned

LoQ Hair
(Hair Fair)
LoQ (Store)

Skin: CandyDoll- Denisa Green Tanned

Logo Hair

Ohh LOGO store have some awesome hairs on Hair Fair :D
is my first time when i wear Red hair and i love it :D
Visist LOGO

Skin: CandyDoll- Bianca Pinkysh Tanned
Eyelaches: Redgrave- Diamonds 20
Eyes: Unique Megastore
Tattoo- Caminal
Shirt: Barries INK


idk trying something new lol

Top: Berries Inc. my braaa..! top
Pants: R.icielli - ETA jeans /blacklist
Shoes: Angelic Lefevre Couture Prestige heels
Bracelet: A&A FAshion Extrem Bracelet Onex
Earrings: {glow] Pure Rain Earring
Hair: FAB.PONY "Bianca" Hair Attachment/ (Hair Fair)
Skin: Candydoll- Bianca Nude Tanned