viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Color LiNe

I can remember my first clothes from LiNe and i still have them on my iventory aslo i remember i used them a lot because i love LiNe Store, and now she come with colourfull and spring NEW RELASE.
wondering wich one i like?
hard to answer, i like all :)
i wanto to writ more about my post but i have to RUN on Real Life^^
Visit LiNe

Dress: :::LiNe::: WaterLily NEW
Shoes: 2Real-Pure
Bangle: -Mons-Bracalet NY
Earrings: A&Ana Disc.Clip.on Earrings
Skin: CandyDoll- Sylwia NEW

Outfit: :::LiNe::: Cimen NEW
Shoes: 2Real-Pure
NEcklace: -MonS- *Do Re Mi Accessories
Bangle: -MonS- Bracalet NY
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: B'onca( black)
Skin: CandyDoll- Sylwia NEW

About -MonS-

Visist -MonS-

Dress: .::Gatti::. Silkline Dress -Black-
Shoes: *YS & YS* RaiMbow Shoes Bianca
Bangle: -MonS-Bracalet World-Grey
Necklace: -Mons- Necklace *MoonLight Grey
HandBag: -MonS- "Grammy" Handbag*
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Lela ( Umber )
Skin: .: MONS :. Beyza Skin Series *Chocolate

Top: *League* Teachers Pet -Green (part of the outfit)
Skirt: .SmeXy. Denim Skirt Blue Pale
Necklace+Bracelet -MonS- *Do Re Mi Accessories
HandBag: -MonS- "Grammy" Handbag*
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: B'onca-B ( black)
Skin: .: MONS :. Deniz Skin Series *Cream

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

*Just Me* myself and I

*Just Me* is a high quality store with clothes and Jewell :D
Visit *Just Me*

Top: *Just Me* Top Heya
Skin: CandyDoll- Sylwia Red Tanned

Tops: *Just Me* Haruko Top
Pants: *Just Me* Jean's Cocoon Blue
Bangle: -MonS-Bracalet World-Grey
Skin: CandyDoll- Sylwia NEW

Top: *Just Me* Haruko Top Purple Stripes
Pants: *Just Me* Jean's Cocoon Graff Light Blue
Bangle: -MonS-Bracalet World-Grey
Shades: [ glow ] studio designs - shutter shades day'n'night
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Trissa ( Black)
Skin: CandyDoll- Sylwia Pink Dark

New Sylwia on CandyDoll

Visit CandyDoll

Sylwia Smokey
4 skin tone/pale/tan/tanned/dark
1 smokey eyes/6 diferent lipstik
clavage and haibase option

Sylwia Spring colours
4 skin tone/pale/tan/tanned/dark
6 diferent makeups
clavage and hairbase option

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Model Poses NEW

Is my second time when i post poses, i usualy dont post this :P but this poses are really cute and NEW, i like them because they aslo com with a nice HUD so you can use them wherever you like in SL :D the store you can find on BAIASTICE Land. Antosperandeo made for us some super AO's with such a great animations. I want it to try this poses with *CRAZY* new dress, its super cute :D
Visit: BehaviorBody animations
p.s Im really sorry if my english not so good :(


Dress: *CRAZY*- *Crazy* Babydoll Dress NEW
Hair: \LoQ/ Capuccino Black Pack
Poses: BehaviorBody: BeBo-newmodel NEW


Damnn! **KANIVAL** is a Hot store, what you can find there!? Tattoo and Hot Clothes For sexy girls :D, woot and there aslo you can find freebie :D
Visit **KANIVAL**

Jacket: ** KANIVAL ** - 03 Power
Pants: ::Temptation:: Jeans Slim NEW
Shoes: *Action Womens Retro Sling Backs Glossy - Gold
Hair: !Lamb.
Skin: Candydoll- Andrada Tan

Dresses: ** KANIVAL ** - 07 Kanival Leopard Dress NEW
Bangle: A&A Design
Earrings: RYCA
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin: CandyDoll - Kathy Princess Tan

Dresses: ** KANIVAL ** - 05 Kanival Spangle Dress
Hair: <DK> [Blondes] Churtch SALE 20L$

At Alternative Fair

Outfit: Goth1c0: eXxposed (NEW Alternative Fair)
Pasties: CandyDoll- finger Pasties
Hair: <DK> [Blondes] Kizzy SALE (100L$)
Skin: [BND] Lile Dark

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

And.... Action....

... have new relase for the spring
visit ACTION

Dress: *Action Womens Ripple Mini Dress - Tangerine
Panties: *Action Womens Lingerie - Panties - Cheekies - White
Bras: *Action Womens Lingerie - Bras - Tee - White
Shoes: *Action Womens Retro Sling Backs Glossy - Gold
HeadPhones: *Action Unisex Retro Headphones - White
Bracelet: *Action UNISEX Brickz Bracelets - Rainbow
Hair: *Action Womens Hair Daisy - Natrual Brown Pack I
Skin: Dantel [dala skin ] - sunkissed - makeup5 -beauty spot

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010


The theme for this week is BLACK..Black Velvet! Each store has set out something black- like and under 99L for you to check out. Look out for the Thirsty Thursday sign, as the item will not be far from it!


This TT i have 1 skin with smokey eyes and kissable lips :) each tone is 49L$ and faty pack i 99L$
hop you like it!!!!

Holli Pocket
A&A FAshion Shop
ONYX Wear:
Oceane's Body Boutique
Candy Doll
B&B Outfitters

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

SmeXy As Hell

Humm when i was sleepie i got this shoes, i kinda dont know how i got them lool but i know i really like this shoes and work perfect with new jeans and shirt from ::Temptation:: and not forget about this HOT SmeXy skins, they are like OMG! hot as hell :P, come in 2 skin tone and 5 diferent makeups :D <3, gotta have them

Full Set 004

Full Set 003

Top: ::Temptation:: Top Dots NEW
Pants: ::Temptation:: Jeans White Slim NEW
Shoes: Lucy In Disguise - Boots & Owl Box Purse
Necklace: A&A Fashion WooW Silver Nacklace NEW
Hair: \LoQ/ Caffe Latte - Sienna
Skin: SmeXy - 003/004 NEW

Some Gift And News

Walking here on SL i saw this summer skirt on Amerie as gift is pretty nice(i have something like this on RL :P) then i saw Bella Di Note have Group Gifet this lovely skin is a preview to her NEW skin line YAY

Skirt: AMERIE - Summer Skirt(Group gift with tag)
Jacket: [ Cynful ] Gracieness Vest - Brown NEW
Top: [ Cynful ] Gracieness Shirt - Beige
Hair: \LoQ/ Cafe Au Lait - Blonde NEW
Skin: [BdN] Sydney {Nebula} (group Gift 200L$ to join)

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Acting Crazy

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! acting crazy a bit... the pose i found it on skybox of Holli :P and i love it, but i was so lazy to go and get it aslo i was lazy to put some hair on and a shirt, humm lazy day today lool
and then holli said this:
[23:02] Holli Thespian: lol u must
[23:02] Holli Thespian: u a statue lol
OMG! lol
p.s. there is little Holli working lool (she have 3 pose standa O_O)
and Holli dont be jealosy because this post mine is better then yours HAHAHAHAHAH (joking:P)

after few minutes Whipers Join ME LOL

Clothes: *League* Teachers Pet -Green
Shoes: *Kookie 50L Vintage Armarda Boots (ex 50)
Skin: LAQ
Pose: Olive Juice- Posey Pose Stepladder (Group Exclusive Blue Color)

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Yummy Yummy T.Whore

Yummy Yummy colours on this dresses, i cant wait to summer come YAY
Sop now to T.Whore

Dress: *T.Whore*- Sweet Dress NEW
Necklace+Belt: *SiSSi* Squarish Complete Set Dark/Light NEW
Hair: Magika - Old gift
Skin: IREN Group gift (180L$ to join)

Dress: *T.Whore*- Sweet Dress NEW
Hair: Friday
Skin: SD Design -Maya T.3 Natural

Dress: T.Whore*- Sweet Dress NEW
Hair: !Lamb.
Skin: Bella Di Notte -Lille Dark

Pose Pose, Smile To The Camara :D

YAY when i saw this camara he remind me of a song lol and now i cant take off the song of my head lool i hate when this happend, anyways...
i Love this old camara :D
all the items are new <3
Vists Action

Top: *Action Womens Boardwalk Tee - Gem
Pants: *BOOM* Ms. Popular -Project Themeory Exclusive.
Belt: *Action Unisex Slim Patent Belt - Sand
Hair: *Action Womens Hair Lyn - Hat Pack I NEW
Skin: :::IREN:::--::::Evangeline:::: Groupgift (180L$ to join)
Camara: *Action & Project Themeory - Geek Chic [M.1][W.2] - SNEAK PEAK NEW


viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Tik Tok New And GIFT

Tik Tok have new Skin relase YAY, come in 10 diferent makeups with clavage option :D in 3 skin tone aslo she have SKIN GIFT in store
Visit Tik Tok
and i go to visit my bed, is waiting for me lol

Lola Pale

Lola Tan

Lola Tanned

Swim Wear: CandyDoll - KiniDiva/Cherry/Black/Purple NEW
Skin: Tik Tok- Lola NEW (All)

Gift and NEWS

i am a workaholic lol
i work it all night to make this swim wear... aslo i have Gift on my subscriber the white KiniDiva
Here your taxi to CandyDoll

Swim wear: CandyDoll - KiniDiva Gift NEW
Earrings: A&A Fashion New A&Ana Jewellery
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Sabrina ( Black) NEW
Skin: Lara Skin

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Thirsty Thursday Time week 7


Dress: *Thirsty Thursday - White* Bellatrix Dress
Shoes: Baiastice_PlatBijou-black NEW
Hair: (Posh) ; Love Bows ; 50L ; Thirsty Thursday
Skin: DeeTalez - April blonde smokey eyes 2 light NEW
Posez: Mannequin. White Box Thristy Thursday

Top: A&A Fashion Biju Shirt White with Corset Thristy Thursday
Pants: [love.] - Lady Jeans - Light Wash
Shoes: Baiastice_PlatBijou-black NEW
Hair: (Posh) ; Love Bows ; 50L ; Thirsty Thursday
Skin: DeeTalez - April blonde smokey eyes 2 light NEW
Bangle: -MonS-Bracalet World Grey Thristy Thursday
Poses: [doll.] Ana Pose Collection Thristy Thursday

Outfit: Entropy's White Russian sale Thirsty Thursday
Hair: (Posh) ; Love Bows ; 50L ; Thirsty Thursday
Skin: DeeTalez - April blonde smokey eyes 2 light NEW
Poses: (p4p) Just a Poser - Pose set Thirsty Thursday

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

Mega mix

Dress: (OMFG) Le Cirque Edition Shopping Bag
Shirt: DeeTaleZ Tops basic shirt beige blue
Leggings: !Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings BLANK
Shoes: Baiastice_PlatBijou-silver
Bag: -Veschi- Blinged Out Beggar Bag black
Earrings: A&Ana Jewellery PEARL EDITION EARRINGS
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Cameron(Auburn tipped ) NEW
Skin: SD Designs - Maya T.3 Natural

Outfit: >>ROOTS<<00O10006
Shoes: Baiastice_Destructural Unkleboots
Earrings: A&Ana Diamond Square Earrings
BAngle: A&Ana Bracelet !Rocks!
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Jordan ( Black)
Skin: Candydoll - andrada Dark (NEW TONE)

Top: >>ROOTS<<00O10007 (part of outfit)NEW
Pants: *Linc* Jumper Yellow (part of outfit) NEW
Shoes: Baiastice_Destructural Unkleboots Yellow NEW
Earrings: A&Ana Diamond Square Earrings
BAngle: A&Ana Bracelet !Rocks!
Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous::::Katie ( Umber) NEW
Skin: CandyDoll - andrada DARK (NEW skin Tone)