domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

AOHARU 50% Sale *_*

1.Shirt: Shop She-turtleneck black-30L$
2.Jacket: AOHARU NordicKnitCoat_Gray-140L$ (50% Sale)
3.Pants: AOHARU LaceCrashDenim_Washed-120L$ (50% Sale)
4.Boots: ANEXX KnitLegwarmers Gray-240L$ (50% Sale)
5.Hair: Fri.Day- Quinn - Blonds
6.Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Fire (NEW)
7.Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

50% SALE

Shirt: .hc&co. Plaid Tank - Pink-50L$ (SALE)
Pants: .hc&co. Spring Pants - Pink 75L$ (SALE)
Shoes: AOHARU JewelHighHeel_Pink-100L$ (50% SALE)
Hair: fri. - Quinn - Blonds
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Fire (NEW)
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

Calamity Hathaway

My new colection of Pearl Jewelry from Calamity Hathaway, i really love them, make me to look a real lady and elegant, every girl need to have pearls :) thank you Calamity
The next is my new glitter dress :) from Onix Wear she have cute clothes
Dress: Onix Wear-50L$
Jewelry: Calamity Hathaway- Elegance Pearls
Hair: Fri.Day- not free
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale (new)-600L$