miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

Holli Pocket New Relase

hehe i come with more and more new relase, but this time from Holli Pocket YAY
she made sexy new tops :D work perfect with my new pants from {paper.doll}, what can i say, today was fulli with NEW Relases :D
goodies and more goodies :D
Shop now at Holli Pocket

Tops: *HP* Twisty Tops
Pants: {paper.doll} TweedPants (NEW)
Hair: Fri.day
Skin: CandyDoll- Abella Green Tanned
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

{Paper.Doll} New Relase *_*

Huh another awesome designer have affordable New Relase :)... Paper.Doll have new tops in many fabolous colours, i like them all :)and the new pants have a great texture and make you to look sexy :)
Go and Shop at {Paper.Doll}


Shirt: {Paper.Doll} - Wrapped V2 (NEW)
Pants:{paper.doll} TweedPants (NEW)
Hair: Iren - Sylvie 3 Blacks
Skin: CandyDoll- Abella Green Tanned
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

*LP* Design New Relase

LP Design have NEW RELASE, always doing great thing and originals, is mi #1 favorite design :)
thank you Liberty for doing such a great things :)
visit LP Design HERE
p.s my english not so good :)

*LP* Kisya outfit(pack)

*LP* Milaya outfit

*LP* Wolverine fur white
*LP* Bear fur
*LP* Milaya outfit

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Jumana Hair Style -Black-
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale
Shape:CandyDoll- Izzabella

LP Design

Legssis: *LP* UPDATE - *LP* Feb leggings
Jacket: AOHARU_BT_LeatherRidersVest_Black
Hair: Fri.day
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale
Shape:CandyDoll- Izzabella

Crazy LP Part II

Dress: *Crazy* Plaza
Leggsis:*LP* UPDATE - *LP* Feb leggings
Shoes: N-Core
Hair: Mirai-.+*Cuto*+.Darkbrown
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale
Shape:CandyDoll- Izzabella

* Crazy* LP

Dress: *Crazy* Mys Dress
Leggings: *LP* UPDATE - *LP* Feb leggings
Hair: Fri.day
Neck:*ICED* #1 Wife Necklace (AD)
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale
Shape:CandyDoll- Izzabella

New At :SK Designs

YAY my favorite store have new items :D

Pants: :SK Designs: Molunkos Jeans
Shirt+socks=:SK Designs: Cthulhu Outfit
Skirt: *UB*
Hair: Iren ::::Sylvie::::_3
Shoes: N-Core
Skin: CandyDoll-Abella Gray Pale
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella


Do you see the High Quality in this dresses? i do ^^ and i love the nipple detalied and the texture , all the dresses come in many option so you can wear how you like it aslo in the store you can find others colours :D

Pic 1. >>ROOTS<<00D10002 (NEW)
Pic 2. >>ROOTS<<00D10007(NEW)
Pic 3. >>ROOTS<<00D10013(NEW)
Pic 4. >>ROOTS<<00D10009(NEW)
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin: CandyDoll- Clarissa NEW
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

*_*POSION *_*

Today i found my new favorite store lol POSION is a great store with awesome clothes on good price aslo u can find clothes for boys :D, so me and Holli we decide to show the goodies from POSION :D
if u want to see what Holli wearing check her blog here

Shirt: :OW: Tank Top Black
Skirt: >>>Poison<<< Bleach skirt
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_MoutonBoots_Black
Neck: *ICED* IcedPod Chain (AD)
Hair: Iren- ::::Sylvie::::_3
Skin: CandyDoll- Abella Gray Pale
Shape: CandyDoll-Izzabella

Dress:>>>Poison<<< Dress blue jeans
Shoes: AOHARU_WALK_TripleFringeBoots_Black
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin: CandyDoll- Kathy Princess Tan
Shape: CandyDoll- Izzabella

Shirt: Tres Blah-calitop tee-free
Pants: >>>Poison<<< Houndstooth jeans
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Retro Hightops - White-
Hair: Fri.day
Skin:CandyDoll- Amalia

Shirt: *Crazy* Panama Sweaters - Gray
Pants:>>>Poison<<< Corduroy jeans_original
Boots: Ordinary Shoes- Old Freebie
Hair: Iren -:::: Sporty ::::blacks
Earrins: *BOOM* G Hoop
TaTto:->>>Poison<<<- 4 dragons tattoo
Skin: CandyDoll- Laura New
Shape: CandyDoll-Izzabella