martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Wiiiii !!!!!

Dresses: Cutie Honey-Cow Dress-10 min camp
Valentine Dress-0L$
Skin: Galance Skin-secret Sale-50L$(Adriana)

Shirt: !! Tres Blah -1L$
Hair: Magika Hair-Fallwinter-Old Freebie
Pants: *Linc*-Wool Panty Light Gray-80L$
Skin: Galance Skin- -secret Sale-50L$ (Adriana)
Shape: Diamond's Beauty-Not Free

p.s i show it only 2 shirt from Tres Blah but in store are 16 t-shirt with 1L$ and aslo she have pants with 15L$ :)
(my english bad ^_^)

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