martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Tik Tok Sale and much more

i love skins and i never get tried of them, i have a big colection with GOODS skins, and this post i LOVE the lips of Bunny Tik Tok, come in clavage opcion and lips option normal or with teeth, aslo if you go in Tik Tok store u can find Group gift 3 lovely skins, a big SALEEEE and hidden price, there are skins with 50L$ and 25L$ O_O but i will keep the secret so you can go and find them^^
Now i will go to nini is too late here
Shop now to Tik Tok

Lingerie: .:XD:. NATIVE
Earrings: Earing Keri-Hoop Platinum -RYCA-
Hair: ((JUNWAVE))
SKin: Tik Tok Bunny-tan ALL

Lingerie: .:XD:. NATIVE
Hair: Posh- Take you out tonight NEW
SKin: Tik Tok - Group gift ALL

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Sylwia Obolensky dijo...

oh this is hot! The skins are amazing!