lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Think P!nk The List

Think P!nk Hunt START! but...
Some of designers didint set the item!
I will make the updates as soon they answer
Thank you for understending
and aslo Thnak you to all designer for the great work^^
For any help with the hunt join in world THINK P!NIK Group
Have Fun!

#01 TPH CandyDoll - Ohh my Charlotte
#02 TPH ..::::Black&Blue Outfitters::::.. - Mabye you need glases?
#03 TPH Audacity Zebras love pink!
#04 TPH Mynerva you wont need a set of hearing aids with a pair of these"
#05 TPH {paper.doll} - Take a seat and grab a gift card!
#06 TPH [name pending] - that fatty, Iori, always had a stash of sweets in his desk."
#07 TPH *ICED* - Click to subscribe!
#08 TPH *** ROXXSTAR *** - I need a Top! I think one with stars.
#09 TPH .::MonS::. - "Find rabbit!
#10 Magoa - suri is as sweet as candy
#11 CStar Skins - Find 12 Candies on top of 12 Skins.
#12 TPH ~TIK TOK - The warmest place in the store
#13 TPH *Orage Creations* - rest under the palm tree and eat a sweets.
#14 TPH Barbie bitch - i turn around the piercing
#15 TPH LoQ HAIRS - Have a sit first
#16 PH [-iPoke-] Piercings-In the corner pocket.
#17 TPH Izzie's Its hot outside.. Find yourself a stud
#18 TPH Miinii Inc - Don't STEP On Me
#19 TPH Angel Dessous - no hint
#20 TPH :: Exodi :: - have you tried the new game of Gacha yet?
#21 TPH **MIMI'S CHOICE look under my mini skirt
#22 TPH << UrbanizeD >> - you can hide very well in the big pink vases on the east side
# 23 TPH { what next } - ea time in the garden
#25TPH CHAMPAGNE! - take a sit and watch the new
#26 TPH JADOR - look in a very high VEIL
#27 TPH !***Baby Monkey Shoes - The Customer Information Desk is there to help!
#28 TPH Glam Affair - Barman! Something sweet, please
#29 [aRAWRa] - ooh! What a nice view from the balcony window.
#30 TPH Eternity Brides and Seldom Blue - go upstairs and find the bags
#31 TPH [Acide!] - Near the chair
#32 TPH Broken Doll - Rest your weary feet and have a seat.
#33 TPH*+* Babydolls Boutique *+* - NEW Relase
#34 TPH .:Shush:. - Candies hides on top on it... a little out of reach but if you work hard enough, a little bit of sugar you will get
#35 TPH [ILAYA] - you can come inside or go outside...anyway you will find it!
#36 TPH Vivaposes - Hint: Don´t go upstairs...its noting to see there ;)
#37 TPH ENTROPY DESIGNS - If your looking for something sweet just remember... Birds love TWEETS!
#38 TPH [chuculet] - downstairs
#39 TPH A&A Fashion Shop - no hint (but easy to find)
#40 TPH :.WoE.: I can't quite reach it..
# 41 TPH *Amacci * - I know an easy way to get in shape
#42 TPH [doll.] Poses - *light* up
#43 TPH N1CO - more candys on table
#44 TPH *TuttiFrutti* - "I'm covering my eyes so I dont see you takenmy candy!... "
#45 TPH ::Temptation:: - you see the dots?
#46 TPH Pididdle - "Yikes! Bats and candy in the chimney!"
#47 TPH >IMANI< - Free is good
#48 TPH ::JAZUMI:: - Peppermint or bubblegum?
#49 TPH Bomb ! - Can you see the Bomb! ?
#50 TPH Silenced - 5 Little White Bunnies!

2 comentarios:

Phoenix dijo...

This was a really great hunt! Terrific stores, well hidden and cleverly hidden candy (some made me giggle) and great prizes. And not all were boxed! BONUS!!!!! I really enjoyed it! Great job!

Lyric dijo...

GREAT hunt. Just finished it and can't wait to go check out the goods. Only thing is that the Slurl for #50 lands you in a residence. Other than that, awesome job and thanks to all the vendors!