viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To ALL!!!!!

Pijama: /artilleri/ Holly PJs (50L4 friday) (by Antonia Marat)
Hair: !lamb. Cherry - Red Lobster Buffet (50L$ Friday) (by Lamb Bellic)
Skin: CandyDoll - Corina Tan (by Rebeca Dembo) NEW
Makeup: .::Mother Goose's::. eyelashes(1) (by milok Hermit) NEW

Work table + Chair: CLEO DESIGN -KRISSMUS EVENT (by Cleom Bailey)
Cupboard + Cake+ Cookies: CLEO DESIGN (by Cleom Bailey)
Red Stove: R&K designs (by Koshka Ninetails)
Table+Chairs+Red Rug+Flower: Kitchentable (by Lettie Bellic)
Cream Rug: Gingerbread Rug - Heavenly Treasures (by Cara Ametza)
Fireplace+Decoration: CLEO DESIGN (by Cleom Bailey)
Sofa: /artilleri/ Glasgow couch *red* (by Antonia Marat)
TV: /artilleri/ TV Time * yellow* (by Antonia Marat)
Christmas Decor: CLEO DESIGN (by Cleom Bailey)
Gifts: {what next} Red Giftbox (by Winter Thorn)
Light Decoration: /artilleri/ String lights - coloured bulbs *blink* (by (by Antonia Marat))
Christmas Tree: ORQUIDEA christmas tree (by adriannesuz McMinnar)
Curtain: Morantique/Neoantiqua Curtains/phantom (by Mo Miasma)
House: ::Modest House:: O Deer Skybox (by Tegan Sideshow)

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Sui Mode dijo...

Wish you Merry Christmas to you Rebeca

Babi dijo...

what is your viewer ?

BeccaLicious dijo...

the new second life, im not so friend with that viewer but i try lol