miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

MyAnimation Studio

i usualy dont do post like this but i really want to credit my dear friend owner of MyAnimation store
...You may ask yourself how the animation are made for/on Second Life, i always wondering that and always want it to know :D
Well there is a lot hard Real Life work, my lovely talented friend have MyAnimation store here in this huge Second Life comunity, her animations are awesome everything you nedd you can find right there.
Im not that good on writing about stuff sience i have bad english but you can see the video below how they are made and demo to her dances :D, then go to shop on MyAnimation studio :D
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ReiraPopescu dijo...

This gave me goose bumps. The dance moves are amazing and the animation smooth. Also Ramona seems to have Romanian accent ^^ *is going to check out the shop*